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Top Ten Reasons to Finish Your Basement

1. VALUE – Finishing a basement offers the best price per square foot of any remodeling project. Additions, kitchen upgrades, even small projects designed to increase space all involve higher relative costs.

2. FLEXIBILITY – Unlike your main level, where often you only have a limited floor plan or colors to choose from, the design of your basement is completely up to you. Perhaps you have considered some changes you “would have” made to your home – now implement those ideas downstairs!

3. RESALE – A high demand for homes locally with lots of space for big families has made finished basements very marketable. We’ve finished basements for clients who have received a return on investment of over 150%.

4. SPACE – Large, spacious rooms and ample lighting can make basements very beautiful and inviting. Many people have said that they would rather spend time in their complete basement than any other place in their home.

5. FAMILY – Whether accommodating them for a meal or a month (or more), many of our clients ask us to make room for their extended family. With a separate bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, having Kevin, Kerri, and/or the kids stay over can be much more enjoyable.

6. ENTERTAINMENT – From simple TV rooms to luxurious rooms with a big screen, surround sound, and tiered seating, the basement is where many people choose to hang out. Pool tables, game rooms, and lots of space also contribute to make this area popular for parties.

7. INCOME – Basement apartments are a great way to add extra income and resale value. Many basements rent at 75% of the cost of your monthly mortgage, quickly offsetting the upfront cost of finishing the space.

8. ORDER – Most people don’t use their unfinished basement space very effectively. Are there boxes scattered all over your floor? A finished basement provides storage, shelving, and general organization. Now you don’t have to go through dark, dusty, cobweb-filled spaces to get what you need!

9. COMFORT – A well insulated basement is commonly the coolest place in your home during the summer and the warmest in the winter. We use new technologies, specialized products, and proven techniques to make your finished space comfortable – and to keep you from paying outrageous utility bills.

10. COST – Because of the high demand for limited resources, basement-material prices are rapidly increasing. This is especially true in this fast-growing area. Don’t wait for prices to get higher – finish your basement today.