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About The Basement Builders

With over 22 years of experience, The Basement Builders have been serving the tri-county area as a full service remodeling company. Our team has been setting standards in the industry for two decades while partnering with experienced contractors and offering extensive selections, customized to suit your needs. We provide homeowners the ability to create additional functional space that reflects their individual tastes and lifestyle needs.

We also specialize in helping homeowners save on energy costs, reduce maintenance, and protect and enhance the investment in their home. And, because we are local, our customers get an immediate response to any questions that may arise.


Why should I finish my basement?

Basement remodeling is one of the quickest ways to add a new room to your home without the higher expense of a complete room addition project. Because most basements are unfinished, and used for storing all the things you've forgotten you have, it is a relatively simple job for The Basement Builders to add quality living space to your home without losing valuable square feet from the rest of your property.

At The Basment Builders, we can help you decide how your new basement can best meet your new needs. Whether for a growing family, who is not yet ready to move, or for families just looking for extra space, we can help you gain additional room at minimum expense.

But you don't have to stop with the basics. Today's basements can be converted to rooms as elegant and open as any in your primary living spaces. Popular basement remodeling projects include bathrooms, saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms. Or, of course, you might want to add or relocate your laundry room, freeing up main floor space.

Let us show you today how much WE LOVE BASEMENTS. Contact us today.