Wet basement? You’re not alone. Find out the best way to prevent moisture from invading your basement.
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Tips for a stylish basement: Instead
of giving up on your lower level, try
these ideas for turning it into a stylish
retreat for you...
When you're planning a state-of-the-art home theater with surround sound and seating, these guidelines will help you with preliminary plans...
1. VALUE – Finishing a basement offers
the best price per square foot of any
remodeling project. Additions, kitchen
upgrades, even small projects designed
to increase space all involve higher
relative costs.
2. FLEXIBILITY – Unlike your main level,
where often you only have a limited floor
plan or colors to choose from, the design
of your basement is completely up to you. Perhaps you have considered some changes you “would have” made to your home – now implement those ideas downstairs!
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